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Our mission is to make your glass outstanding

By providing you with machinery, technology and expertise so you can truly stand out.

We are committed to help you achieve success in your chosen area of glass processing.

We’re passionate about innovating the next level in world-class technology, dedicated services and technical support so you get the highest production energy efficiency and best end glass quality. We offer you our expertise to inspire potential and open up exciting opportunities in glass.

In all we do, we aim at giving you the best customer experience possible. This guarantees a clear and visible difference – and enables you to reach profitable business results.

Glaston manufacturing in Finland

Our journey

  • Present
  • Glaston@GPD2017-7-1-380x249.jpg

    Glaston iLooK Anisotropy online scanning of anisotropy is introduced.

  • newsroom-2-380x184.jpg

    The Glass Performance Days (GPD) event organized by Glaston celebrates its 25th year of service to the glass industry.

  • Insight-FC-Series-furnace-380x170.png

    Glaston Insight platform for smart connectivity and intelligence of the machines is launched

  • Matrix_net.jpg

    Glaston Matrix bending furnace for windshields is launched.

  • Nanotech_net.jpg

    Glaston invests in a California-based nanotechnology company.

  • ProL-lamination-1-380x186.jpg

    Glaston ProL flat glass laminating line is introduced.

  • Pre-processing_glass.jpg

    Glaston sells Pre-Processing machine business to Bavelloni Spa.

  • glassrobots_logo.jpg

    Glaston acquires the industrial property rights to all Glassrobots products.

  • glaston_genuine_care-e1464089920531.png

    Glaston introduces Glaston Genuine Care™ service concept.

  • The company sells the Software Business Area.

  • GlastonAir_net.jpg

    Launch of GlastonAir air flotation tempering technology for thin glass tempering.

  • Glaston_iLooK.jpg

    Launch of the new generation flat tempering family and iControl™ automation system.

  • AW_cropped.jpg

    The acquisition of the German A+W Software Group.

    Business area Software Solutions is formed.
  • glaston-logo@2x.png

    The company's name is changed to Glaston Corporation.

  • Bavelloni_cropped.jpg

    Kyro acquires Z. Bavelloni that is specialized in Pre-Processing machines.

  • UG.jpg

    Tamglass Goups's machine business is supplemented with tempering machine manufacturer UNIGLASS OY.

  • The Kyro Group's parent company is listed on the Helsinki Stock Ecxhange.

  • ROLS-e1514460808315.png

    Tamglass introduces the remote online system ROLS.

  • iso-9001-380x380.png

    Tamglass is granted the ISO9001 quality certificate.

  • GPD-logo-380x151.jpg

    The first Glass Processing Days (GPD) conference is organized.

  • HTBS-bender_net.jpg

    The first bending and tempering line Tamglass HTBS is launched.

  • ESUEcoMax10_1-380x237.jpg

    Tamglass launches the serial windshield bending furnace ESU

  • HTF-III_-380x188.jpg

    Tamglass launches the third generation horizontal tempering furnace HTF III

  • Kyro acquires the entire share stock of Tamglass Oy founded in 1970.

  • HTF-II_-380x143.jpg

    Tamglass launches the second generation horizontal tempering furnace HTF II

  • HTF-I_-380x195.jpg

    Tamglass launches the first generation horizontal oscillating tempering furnace HTF I

  • Tamglass_cropped.jpg

    Tamglass is founded.

    The company specializes in windshield bending and lamination.
  • KYRO_logo.jpg

    The company's name is changed to Oy Kyro Ab.

  • Kyröskoski_net.png

    The first paper mill starts in Kyröskoski, Finland.

  • Sumelius_Hammaren_Nyberg-768x329.png

    Hammaren & Co. is founded. Kyro's long and eventful story begins.

  • Our journey starts

Quick facts and figures

Glaston’s operations are divided into the Machines and Services business areas. Glaston’s Machines business product portfolio covers a wide and technologically advanced range of glass processing machines for flat tempering, bending, bending-tempering and laminating.

Glaston’s Services business provides glass processing machine maintenance services, machine upgrades and modernizations, spare parts and the tools required for high-quality glass processing.

Glaston’s offering ensures uninterrupted production capacity for our customers and efficient usage throughout every machine’s lifecycle. Our comprehensive service network is one of our most important competitive factors.

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At the end of 2017 Glaston’s Executive Management Group consisted of eight persons.

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Glaston Finland Oy

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Glaston (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

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