Three reasons for choosing SolarTech







Excellent performance

SolarTech, the new range of our peripheral diamond wheels, achieves excellent performance in terms of life, working speed and edging quality suitable for processing of glass for photovoltaic panels. The new SolarTech line is suitable for any brand and type of double edger using peripheral wheels.


Washington Art Glass, UK

#Flat tempering #RC Series

“We’re the new kids on the block with our latest offering of digital ceramic printing on glass, bringing affordability to one-off glass pieces that can be tempered into a long-lasting masterpiece. It was all by chance that we met Dip-Tech at Glasstec in Dusseldorf in 2016. After 18 months, we’ve brought our business idea to fruition,” says Charlie Hill, owner of Washington Art Glass in Tyne and Wear, UK. “The key to our success has been an investment in Glaston’s RC Series tempering furnace for top-quality, flat glass results.”

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Tristar Glass, Inc., U.S.A.

#Heating chamber replacement #ProL #Upgrades

“I was very impressed at how quickly we were able to install the new ProL-zone upgrade on our existing lamination line – only 3.5 days – and I’ve been equally impressed with the high-quality output,” says Rob Carlson, Mechanical Engineer at Tristar Glass, Inc.’s Tulsa, Oklahoma facility. “Glaston’s convection technology has exceeded every expectation. The system really does work as well as they said it would – maybe even better!”

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Super Sealed Units, UK

#RHC #Upgrades

“With growing demands in our market, we needed to bring our older Glaston furnace up to modern standards. Thanks to the installation done over Christmas break, we were able to save time – to get up and running quickly at the start of the year,” says Sanjay Meghani, Director, at Super Sealed Units Ltd in Dunstable, UK. “Today, we are able to temper higher performance glass, achieve flatter results and utilize the full furnace bed for greater volumes.”

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Can glass help limit climate change?

On the 8th of October the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published its Special Report on Global Warming. According to the report limiting global warming...

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#AskGlaston Episode 46: Was the glass on the photo actually tempered?

This week, we are dealing with a range of questions regarding the broken glass visible on the photo received, as also the question about the fire-resistant glass:...

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#AskGlaston Episode 45: Why does a white line appear in the center of any broken tempered glass?

This week, we are dealing with the following two questions: Why does a blurry white line appear in the center of any broken tempered glass particle? What will happen...

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